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Are Your Brushing Habits Up to Par? Gainesville, GA
Gainesville GA General Dentist

Brushing your teeth is something you’ve been doing every day since you were a child. Just like other habits, you’re probably very set in your ways when it comes to how you brush. However, for the sake of your smile health, it is best to check your tooth brushing methods to ensure they are up to par. You may be engaging in some habits that are doing more harm than good?

When it comes to brushing your teeth, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I brushing with a fluoride toothpaste? First and foremost, you need to be using the right cleaning product – or toothpaste. It needs to contain fluoride and have the ADA seal of approval to pass the test.

Am I brushing too hard? Contrary to popular belief, scrubbing harder does not mean better cleaning. When it comes to removing food debris and plaque from your teeth, a firm but gentle pressure is all that is needed. Brushing too hard can cause gum recession and enamel erosion.

Is my toothbrush current? You should be replacing your toothbrush every three months, or when the bristles start to fray.

Am I brushing for two minutes, twice a day? Set a timer and check yourself. Are you maintaining the task for a full two minutes? If not, up your game and your smile will thank you.

Is my toothbrush stored properly? In order to prevent bacteria accumulation and growth, you should store your toothbrush in an upright position. Make sure the bristles are exposed to allow the air to dry it out. Lastly, make sure your toothbrush is kept at least six feet away from the toilet to prevent airborne particles from latching on to your bristles!

Does my tongue get brushed too? If you aren’t brushing your tongue, you may have found the answer to your bad breath. Millions of bacteria live within dark moist grooves of your tongue. Make sure you are taking the time to scrub all surfaces of your tongue before you complete your brushing job.

How did you do? Did you find a way to improve your brushing habits? If you haven’t already done so, switching to an electric toothbrush can also enhance this important cleaning regime. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming you can brush less since you have a powered version!

For more tooth brushing tips or to schedule your next professional dental cleaning, call Gainesville Dental Group. We love caring for your smile!

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