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Athletic Mouthguards: A Small Investment for Big Protection Gainesville, GA
Custom Mouthguards from Gainesville Dental Group

Do you have a child in sports? While it’s not fun to think about, a staggering number of dental related injuries occur during contact sports each year. These include tooth fractures, lip lacerations, gum injuries and jaw damage. Not only can dental injuries cause permanent damage to your child’s smile, they can also result in hundreds of dollars in dental repairs. Fortunately, these accidents are highly preventable with the use of an athletic mouthguard.

Did you know that a sports mouthguard can do more than protect your child’s mouth? Studies show that a properly-fitted mouthguard can also prevent youth concussions. As much as 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport season. Concussions and dental injuries aren’t restricted to football and boxing; any contact sports player can benefit from an athletic mouthguard.

Reasons To Go To Your Dentist For a Sports Mouthguard

When it comes to buying your child an athletic mouthguard, you have two general options to choose from. You can buy a stock mouthguard or “boil-and-bite” model at your local sporting goods store or you can schedule a short visit with your dentist and get a custom mouthguard that fits over every crevice and groove of your child’s unique smile. While store-bought mouthguards are less expensive, a mouthguard from your dentist can offer significant advantages:

  • Better Fit – Custom mouthguards are fabricated from a precise impression of your child’s teeth. It won’t come up too high up on the gums and should fit so comfortably that your child won’t be tempted to take it in and out during the game. In fact, custom mouthguards allow your child to breathe and speak easily while wearing them. A mouthguard that stays in place is a mouthguard that is more effective at its job.
  • More Durable – The materials used to craft a custom mouthguard are simply higher grade and quality than a boil-in-bite mouthguard from the store. This means that your custom mouthguard can hold up better over time. And let’s face it, sports equipment doesn’t always get treated gently.
  • Better Return on Investment – While you’ll put for the extra expense upfront for a custom-made mouthguard, you’re likely to get better overall protection and longer use out of the appliance. In addition, you’ll be saving money on potential dental repairs with the peace of mind that your child’s teeth, jaw and skull are adequately protected as they play.

Are you ready to learn more about a custom athletic mouthguard for your child? Schedule your appointment today at Gainesville Dental Group. It is a simple investment and brief visit that can save your child’s permanent set of teeth.

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