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3 Signs Your Energy Drink is Ruining Your Smile Gainesville, GA
Teeth and Gums Gainesville, GA

Children, teens and adults are turning to energy drinks as their go-to beverage when they don’t want water. Whether you simply like the flavor, consider it healthier than soda or want to boost your sports performance, these drinks may not be such as good idea for your smile. In fact, the irreversible damage that energy drinks and sports drinks can cause on your teeth is a serious concern.

The problem with energy drinks is that they contain two very harmful substances for your dental health – acid and sugars. The pH of nearly all energy drinks is enough to start eroding your tooth enamel in a matter of minutes. The high sugar content delivers a double whammy to your smile and creates the perfect storm for decay and other dental issues.

Another factor that contributes to enamel erosion and energy drinks pertains to the way that these drinks are typically consumed. Energy drinks are often sipped on through a sports practice or other event. This means that you are essentially bathing your teeth in acids and sugar over a longer period of time. It would be better to drink your sports drink all at once or chase it down with a glass of water to prevent tooth damage. Once your enamel wears then or erodes, it doesn’t grow back. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to recognize signs that your energy drink is harming your smile.

If you regularly drink energy drinks and suffer from the following three warning signs, then you may need to kick your habit and see a dentist:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Dingy, Stained or Yellowed Teeth
  • Frequent Cavities

The above issues are commonly a result of your enamel wearing thin. This exposes sensitive tooth nerves as well as the yellow dentin layer underneath your enamel. There are dental treatments that can repair a damaged tooth and help you regain a comfortable and attractive smile after enamel erosion. However, the sooner you seek treatment the better! Contact Gainesville Dental Group today to schedule an appointment.

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