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A Toothache is a Serious Concern Gainesville, GA

You may not think of it as such, but the body is a complex machine that has thousands of working parts and symptoms allowing it to function properly. When one of those parts is not working properly, it can affect many different areas of the body. Symptoms are the body’s “alert system” that notifies you when things are not as they should be. Your mouth is no exception, and certain symptoms are unique concerning your oral health. A toothache is a significant concern, often the symptom of a serious issue, and it should never be ignored.

If you experience any type of toothache, it is important that you bring it to your dentist’s attention sooner rather than later. The health of your entire mouth literally depends on it. Unlike a sprained ankle, a headache, or a stomach bug, a toothache will not go away on its own. Any time you experience a toothache or discomfort inside your mouth that lasts for longer than five days, it needs to be taken seriously. It is a direct indication that there is an issue that needs your dentist’s intervention.

There are a variety of causes for a toothache, some of which are more distressing than others. Small concerns such as a popcorn kernel stuck below the gum line or mild gingivitis can become very big concerns if they are not dealt with in a timely manner. That popcorn kernel will begin to rot, so do not feel silly going to the dentist only to learn that your favorite snack was caught between your teeth. Mild gingivitis can quickly turn into periodontal disease, and this disease will cause irreversible damage to your entire mouth. Other concerns are rather large from the onset, these include: a cracked or broken tooth, a severe cavity or tooth decay, an infection inside a tooth, or severe gum recession. These large concerns have the potential to ruin your smile for life, and they should never be seen as anything other than a serious concern.

The entire team at Gainesville Dental Group wants to help you achieve optimal oral health. If you have any symptom of a toothache, whether it is seemingly small or large, it needs to be evaluated as soon as possible. Our dental practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care to all our dental patients. Please contact us with any of your oral care needs. Even “just a toothache” is a serious concern that we will help you overcome.

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