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Cavity Prevention Gainesville, GA

When it comes to keeping your mouth clean and preventing decay from happening, you are the most important factor in cavity prevention. It is important to understand the role that you play in keeping your mouth healthy and clean so that you can make the decision to do your part. Cavities are almost entirely preventable, and simple choices that you make on a daily basis have the potential to benefit or harm your mouth.

Cavities are formed when bacteria are allowed to hang out inside the mouth for too long. There are millions of bacteria living inside your mouth every day. While these bacteria are meant to be helpful, they will cause damage when they overstay their welcome. As you eat foods throughout the day, small particles are left behind in the mouth. Bacteria attack these food particles in order to help break them down and get rid of them. However, if the bacteria are not expelled from the mouth on a regular basis and in a timely manner they will begin to cause destruction. As the bacteria are attacking the small food particles they are producing acids to assist in their endeavors. This acid is extremely harmful to the teeth because it attacks the tooth enamel and will eventually eat holes through the teeth known as cavities.

Choices in the foods that you eat and your daily habits of brushing and flossing are the most important components of cavity prevention. Because bacteria are especially fond of sugars in the foods that you eat, a high sugar diet means that the bacteria will produce more acid at a faster rate. Choosing foods that are low in refined sugars will lessen the amount of acid that is produced inside your mouth, helping to prevent the quick formation of cavities. Your daily habits of brushing and flossing are also essential in cavity prevention. Brushing loosens the bacteria from the teeth so that it is easily rinsed away. However, brushing is second in importance. Flossing is the absolute best thing you can do to prevent cavities. Floss reaches in between the teeth and under the gum line to remove bacteria-laden plaque that toothbrushes simply cannot reach.

Combining your daily oral habits and healthy dietary choices with regular dental visits is the key to cavity prevention. At Gainesville Dental Group we want to partner with you in order for you to achieve and maintain the healthiest smile possible.

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