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When you crack or chip a tooth, you want quick relief and repair available from a compassionate, experienced dentist. At Gainesville Dental Group, we want you to call us first when you need a tooth repaired. We offer emergency dental repairs for broken, chipped or cracked teeth to give you relief from any discomfort and to protect one of your most valuable assets – your smile.

Any time a tooth is chipped , or the surface is cracked, it is important to have the tooth repaired as soon as possible. Even if there is no pain, the damage to the enamel and tooth structure can lead to further oral health complications. Even a small chip can allow bacteria and decay access to the softer pulp and dentin of the tooth. This can cause weakening ofto the structure and even lead to severe tooth infections. Our dental team can fix most chips and cracks in one visit, helping to protect your tooth and oral health.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Repairs to cracked, chipped or broken teeth are often completed using dental bonding or fillings. Smaller chips and cracks can be filled with resin that is color-matched to the tooth, offering a protective covering for the tooth while strengthening the tooth structure. For deeper cracks or broken teeth, it can be necessary for more extensive repairs, including dental crowns. The extent of the repair depends on the damage, which can be evaluated at our clinic.

If you or a family member has a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, do not hesitate to call us at Gainesville Dental Group. We always welcome new patients and have emergency dental appointments available. Our clinic accepts many different types of dental insurance plans and payment options for your convenience. Contact us the next time you need a tooth repair or any other dental service.

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