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Curious About Your Toothpaste? Gainesville, GA
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Toothpaste is a product you use twice a day, every day to keep your smile healthy. But how much do you really know about this gooey substance that you slather across your toothbrush? Have you ever been curious about why it looks or feels the way it does and how it really works inside your mouth? At Gainesville Dental Group, we are happy to answer your toothpaste questions. There’s no substitute for this oral health product, so you might as well get to know it.

Why Is Toothpaste So Gritty?

While it may look smooth on the outside, most toothpaste has a gritty texture. This is an important abrasive component that is needed to scrub away dental plaque and stubborn food particles from your tooth surfaces. This gritty feature also works to help polish your smile and shine your tooth enamel.

Why Is Toothpaste Mint Flavored?

The mint flavoring of toothpaste isn’t needed to actually clean your teeth. However, peppermint and wintergreen flavoring gives a “clean feeling” and has a powerful and lingering taste that can instantly freshen your breath and make you want to keep up the habit. Although you may think the mint flavoring is what gets rid of your bad breath after brushing, it is really the removal of food debris and bacteria inside your mouth that prevents halitosis.

Which Is Better, Paste or Gel Toothpaste?

When it comes to choosing paste or gel style toothpaste, you can’t lose. There are minimal basic differences between the two. Much like the flavor of your toothpaste, the form (gel or paste) essentially comes down to your personal preference.

Is There One Ingredient More Important than the Other?

It only takes one glance at the oral hygiene aisle of your local pharmacy or grocery store to realize the expansive options you have for toothpaste. While flavor and texture may be negotiable in your choice, you shouldn’t overlook one important ingredient in your toothpaste – fluoride! Fluoride is highly instrumental in preventing tooth decay and protecting your teeth from harmful acids. You’ll also need to make sure your toothpaste as the ADA seal of approval.

Let Us Help You Choose

There are toothpastes for whitening, tartar control, sensitive teeth, enamel protection and more. To narrow down your choices, your dentist at Gainesville Dental Group can help. We know what your smile needs most. Now that you’ve gained a closer relationship with your toothpaste, we hope you’ll appreciate (and use) this dental care product even more.

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Bev M.

Very happy with the staff at Gainesville Dental Group. The doctors are caring and experienced. I never am left in the waiting room. The hygienist always ask thorough questions and report to the doctor before the exam, saving me from having to repeat everything. Highly recommend.

Dennis C.

I came to Gainesville Dental Group with a crown that was in bad shape and painful. Dr. Vetter was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done and went to great lengths to ensure the treatment to resolve the problem was in my best interest. He and assistant Sarah Riley were very professional yet personable. They worked together seamlessly in a manner that put me at ease and were very focused on fixing the tooth. Any physical discomfort was minimal and both Dr. Vetter and Sarah were encouraging and positive. A very good experience.

Sarah R.

I come to Gainesville Dental Group for my routine cleanings and absolutely love it! It’s very clean and I love how up to date they are with digital X-rays and photos of the teeth. I had to have a filling and they were able to point out on the screen where my cavity was on the X-ray. It’s much easier getting the work done when you have an understanding of what the doctor is doing! Dr. Vetter did my filling and the whole procedure was pain free! I can’t say enough good things about this group!

Linda H.

Dr. Gannon and Hannah were great. They talked me thru my procedure and made sure I was comfortable and pain free. The office was friendly and pleasant. My hubby and son have used them and liked them. I've found a new dentist! Thank You GDG.

Candace C.

Since I started my orthodontic treatment fifteen months ago, the staff at Gainesville Dental Group have been exceptional. Dr. Vetter is so kind and energetic and Kim puts you at ease while she works miracles! I am thrilled at my results and that they worked within my timeframe. I gladly recommend The Gainesville Dental Group for a personalized experience. Thank you!

Kayla B.

The whole office staff is amazing! Super friendly and helpful. Dr. Gannon has always been very nice and does great work! My husband sees Dr. Vetter and has only good things to say as well. I highly recommend this office!

Lorrie M.

This is by far the best dental group I have been to in a long time. The staff is wonderful and caring. From the front office to the Dentists are a class act. Very kind and explain step by step. High quality work. Don't plan on going anywhere else. My husband has had the same experience. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Tell them Lorrie sent you

Bruce Y.

Great dental visit! Went in for annual cleaning and x-rays. Donna did an awesome job and pointed out a potential issue which she brought up to the doctor who concurred. It was an excellent visit. Thank you to the "team" @ Gainesville Dental Group.

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