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Fluoride Treatments Gainesville, GA

When it comes to protecting your smile, it requires you to be actively involved in all aspects of oral health. Ignoring your oral health is simply asking for cavities, decay, and tooth loss – all of which can lead to significant issues with the decline of your overall health. Flossing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day, and making regular dental visits a priority are essential components of actively participating in your oral health. For many people, this is enough. However, millions of Americans are more susceptible to oral health concerns. Dentists offer special treatments to these patients, as well as to anyone else, who wish help to protect their teeth between dental visits.

Fluoride treatments are simple, quick, and painless treatments that have been used by dentists for decades to protect their patients’ teeth. Fluoride is well known to help prevent cavities by strengthening the tooth enamel and making the teeth more resistant to decay. Oral bacteria create plaque inside the mouth that coats the teeth on a daily basis. While many people successfully keep plaque at bay between dental visits by flossing and brushing, others need extra help.

Children and adults can both benefit from fluoride treatments. Children’s teeth are much softer than adult teeth, thus they are more vulnerable to developing cavities. While adult teeth are harder, without proper care or with a genetic predisposition to be cavity-prone, they are also prone to decay.

If any of the following apply to you or your children, ask about fluoride treatments:

  • Well water is your main source of water
  • Poor diet
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dry mouth
  • Acid reflux
  • Irregular dental visits
  • Gum recession
  • An eating disorder
  • Alcohol or drug use (including tobacco use)
  • Active orthodontic treatment
  • The use of certain medications
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy

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