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Gum Disease and Pregnancy Gainesville, GA

Pregnancy is a truly remarkable experience that allows something miraculous to occur over a relatively short amount of time. For approximately nine months, women experience the conception, growth, and then birth of life. Whether pregnant for the first time or the fourth, pregnancy is full of excitement and anticipation. Like most great experiences in life, pregnancy also comes with its own set of challenges – growing a human is a lot of work! The body of a pregnant woman goes through many changes to accommodate a growing baby: weight gain, increased blood supply, stretching of the uterus, just to name a few. One change that has a huge impact on a pregnant woman is the drastic changes in hormone levels that occur in a short span of time. This dramatic hormonal shift increases the risk for pregnancy gum disease, which is a dangerous condition for both mother and growing baby.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, caused by bacteria inside the mouth. In most cases, gingivitis is a simple and treatable condition; however, for pregnant women, gingivitis can quickly turn into periodontal disease and pose life threatening concerns to the pregnancy and mother. Bacteria are present inside the mouth in quantities of millions each day. These bacteria congregate around food and sugar particles, creating acids and plaque buildup on the teeth. With regular flossing and brushing, plaque buildup can be kept at bay and under control between dental visits. Yet for pregnant women, plaque buildup over just a short amount of time can have devastating effects.

Research has proven that the drastic hormonal shifts case the gum tissues of the mouth to become highly susceptible to infection during pregnancy. Any infection inside the mouth can easily pass from the gum tissues into the blood stream and pass straight through to the uterus. It is vital that any signs of gingivitis (i.e. red, swollen, tender gums or gums that bleed easily) be brought to a dentist’s attention right away. There is a proven link between gum disease and miscarriage, pre-term labor, and low birth weight babies.

At Gainesville Dental Group, we value the health of all our patients, including pregnant mothers. If you are planning on becoming pregnant or are already pregnant, your oral health is more important than ever before. Please contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment for a thorough evaluation and cleaning. We care about your oral health and its impact on your growing miracle.

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