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Night guards are appliances that are worn at night to reduce the affects that teeth grinding and clenching have on the teeth. Night guards work to cushion the teeth and protect them from wearing down under the force of each other. Many people often wake up in the mornings with headaches, or they notice that the have constant pain in the shoulders, ears, neck and back during the day. Clenching the teeth during stressful parts of the day often causes these discomforts, and it can have long-term negative effects on a person’s entire oral health. While night guards are typically worn at night, customized night guards can also be worn during the day for those who find that they need them.

Custom Night Guards to Stop Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is the medical term for the clenching and/or grinding of the teeth. It is considered a major cause of many teeth problems such as TMJ, worn down teeth, and misalignment of the jaw. When teeth grinding is allowed to persist it can cause the teeth to be extremely sensitive because the wearing down of the enamel exposes nerves in the teeth. Gainesville Dental Group is proud to offer comprehensive family dental care and custom night guards for our patients who need help to stop teeth grinding. Night guards are available at most drug stores, yet they are usually large, obtrusive, uncomfortable, and poor fitting – meaning that they will not do the job they are intended for. For help protecting your teeth, custom night guards to stop teeth grinding are essential.

Prevent Jaw Pain with Night Guards

If you have noticed that you wake up in the morning with pain in your jaw, do not hesitate to contact the Gainesville Dental Group. Night guards can help prevent jaw pain and protect the teeth from the stresses and pressures of clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth. Custom night guards are a worthwhile investment in the future health of your teeth. The dentists at Gainesville Dental Group can design a night guard to fit your teeth exactly so that you can experience the comfort and protection you need.

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