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Signs You Have a Cracked Tooth Gainesville, GA

Not all dental emergencies are as obvious as most people think. While a knocked out tooth is quite obvious, other serious issues can mask themselves, or people can simply ignore certain signs that they feel are “not that big of a deal.” A cracked tooth is one of the most overlooked dental emergencies. In fact, many people are unaware that they have a cracked tooth until they go in for a regular dental appointment and the dentist points it out to them. It may seem as though an issue that does not always present itself with obvious signs is not truly that dire – but the fact is, a cracked tooth leaves your entire mouth vulnerable to serious consequences.

A cracked tooth is a serious issue because it allows bacteria and debris to enter into the inner layers of the tooth. When a crack opens under pressure, bacteria and tiny particles of food and sugars can enter the tooth. Then, when pressure is taken off the tooth, the crack will close and trap damaging elements inside the tooth. These elements can cause infection and decay to begin, affecting the tooth from the inside out. When infection and decay occurs in one tooth, it can easily spread to neighboring teeth and gum tissues; it can even enter into the blood stream, causing severe health conditions.

Understanding the signs that you may have a cracked tooth are vitally important to your oral and overall health. Signs that you have a cracked tooth include:

  • Severe and immediate pain after biting down on something hard (e.g. ice or candy)
  • Intense pain while chewing. Pain that occurs when you bite down and then is relieved when you separate your teeth is a good indicator of a cracked tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or sweet and sour items
  • A chipped tooth
  • A visible line within a tooth
  • Discoloration of a single tooth

If you have any signs of a cracked tooth, or you have any other concerns regarding your dental health, please contact Gainesville Dental Group today. Our team of doctors and our professional dental staff are committed to providing the highest standard in dental care to all of our patients.

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