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Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Teeth Gainesville, GA

Most people know that smoking is a very bad habit to start and a very difficult habit to give up. Countless medical studies have proven the detrimental effects that smoking has on people’s health, including lung cancer and debilitating breathing disorders such as COPD. However, many people overlook a specific area of the body that is directly affected by smoking: the mouth.

Serious personal and oral health issues are directly related to the use of tobacco products. Tooth staining and discoloration and severe bad breath are two of the most personal effects caused by smoking and tobacco use. Your smile says a great deal about you, and if your dingy teeth and/or foul breath are unpleasant, you can be at a disadvantage in meeting new people and landing a good job or promotion. However, more than just you job or your social calendar is on the line if you continue to smoke or use tobacco products.

Periodontal disease and oral cancer are two extremely dangerous conditions that are directly caused by continued tobacco usage. Both of these conditions have the ability to destroy your oral health, and they both pose a risk to your life.

Periodontal disease is the severe infection of the gums that affects the strength and support of the teeth. Smoking inhibits the gums’ immunity, so a slight infection of the gum tissues can quickly develop into periodontal disease. The most significant factor of periodontal disease is that it is irreversible. While the earliest stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, is treatable, periodontal disease causes such destruction that it will require extensive treatment.

Oral cancer causes the soft tissues of the mouth to become irritated and weakened. With the immunity of the mouth being compromised, it does not have the ability to fight off the damage that tobacco causes. With this, oral cancer becomes a very prominent condition among tobacco users. Of course, cancer does not isolate itself. The rest of the body is also vulnerable to cancer because the tissues inside the mouth are living tissues, and their blood supplies travel throughout the entire body – easily carrying cancer cells to other major organs.

At Gainesville Dental Group, we want to help you quit tobacco for your oral health and your overall health. We understand that it is not easy, and we are here to help. Contact our practice to learn how you can overcome tobacco damage.

At Gainesville Dental Group, we want to encourage everyone to do their part to obtain a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Contact our practice for a recommendation on a sugar-free chewing gum to help ward off decay.

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