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Teeth Whitening Gainesville, GA

A beautiful, white smile is something that everyone appreciates and most people desire to have. A white smile gives others the impression that you care about yourself, and it welcomes others, drawing them in to your presence. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that is used to transform a dull and lifeless smile into a radiant smile. Over the last two decades, teeth whitening has consistently been the most popular cosmetic dental procedure requested because of how easily it can improve a person’s appearance.

There are many factors that affect the appearance of the teeth. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and tobacco use are known culprits of staining and discoloring the teeth. Genetics and age are also factors that can cause the teeth to look dull. The outer layer of the tooth is the enamel, and it is the enamel that gives off the natural color of the teeth. The thickness and smoothness of the tooth enamel is greatly affected by genetics, and diet and habits affect the color of the enamel. Despite tooth enamel being the hardest substance in the human body, it is not impenetrable. Tiny holes in the tooth enamel allow for stains to form and affect the color of the teeth.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that lifts the stains and discoloration from the tooth enamel to reveal a whiter and brighter smile. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and fastest way to transform a less than stellar smile into a beautiful, confident asset.

With so many products available at any drug store, it is easy for people to assume that they can achieve the smile that they want at home. However, only a dentist can use the fastest and most effective whitening gel in-office to truly transform a smile into a dazzling shade of white. The teeth should be thoroughly cleaned before whitening to ensure that the whitening gel is lightening the teeth and not a film of plaque on the teeth. The whitening procedure at the dentist’s office takes around an hour, and it can reveal amazing results that may never be achieved at home even after months of trying.

If you are in the North Georgia area and are interested in teeth whitening for your smile, please contact Gainesville Dental Group today. We are here to help you achieve a radiantly beautiful smile that you feel confident showing off to the world.

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